1 Critical Key to Being Taken Seriously... Wrapping Up Well

effective closing Oct 02, 2023

A challenge I see in a lot of workplace presentations I hope you avoid, speakers don't WRAP IT UP and END well. Here's 2 things I commonly see and 2 easy tips to fix it:

Most common issues:

1. A number of people just quit talking.
It's like a dropped call. Your audience is thinking...
"Wait... where'd they go? Are they done?"
"Do I ask them if they're finished? Or is that more awkward?"

2. Some people end by going over a DISSERTATION OF TEXT.
It's like an entire presentation in a slide. WHY!?
Consultants... I love you... but you're the worst at this!

Here's TWO SIMPLE IDEAS to ensure a solid wrap up.

1. When you move toward wrapping up, use some kind of transition phrase so your audience KNOWS your wrapping up. (Too simple right?)

Example: "Just to wrap up..."

People who have tuned out (cause we're all prone to it) will tune back in.

2. Give your audience SHORT takeaway statements around what you want them to TAKEAWAY or DO.

Ideally 3 and no more than 5.

Don't regurgitate the whole presentation. Whatever you need to say, figure out how to say it in LESS words.

And if you're using slides... USE LESS WORDS on the slide.

A shorter recap is easier for your audience to remember. It's more likely to be sticky in their minds.

If you're feeling up for it... what issues do you see with people ENDING presentations?


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